Practical Computer Literacy for Professional Development

The Program in Brief

literacyThis program, specifically designed for beginners, will introduce its participants to the fundamentals of a computer system. Participants will acquire significant knowledge about how a computer’s individual components work and fit together to make a useful device. They will examine hardware, peripheral devices, files, operating systems, and learn how to make effective use of popular applications. As an added bonus that confirms their proficiency with the concepts covered in class, each student will set up his or her own computer and install an operating system and other programs.

The Type of Program Participant Who Would Benefit Most:

Anyone who wishes to overcome their fear of computers and develop a comfort level with the device that allows them to use it to complete many tasks will be well served by the program.



Key Topics:
  • Introduction to Computer Hardware
  • Peripheral Devices
  • Operating Systems
  • Working with files
  • An Introduction to Networks
  • E-mail & the Internet
  • Software Installation
  • Basic Troubleshooting & Maintenance
Other Key Program Elements:

Participants can expect interesting and challenging assignments and projects aimed at helping them build their comfort level and develop practical skills. Some labs/assignments/projects to be expected include:

  • The Document & Presentation Preparation Project
  • The Internet Research Project
  • The Basic Software Installation Lab
Factors worth noting:
  • The program is instructor led
  • The program is available full time and part-time
  • The program lasts 2 weeks, if taken full-time and 3 weeks, if taken part-time.