About Us


The Canadian Institute of Learning established in 1998, is a registered Private Career College under the PCC Act 2005, administered by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU), that delivers Post-Secondary education and corporate training services. We are an Accredited Training Center for EC-Council and an Authorized CCE Boot Camp Training Center with ISFCE. Our products are designed to specifically meet the current and future needs of various sectors, including technology, manufacturing, and finance.

In developing our products, we conduct thorough needs analysis for the purpose of identifying client problems and developing effective solutions to address issues of competitiveness and/or productiveness. We pride ourselves on delivering relevant, high quality services that substantially improve client situations.

Our services fall under three key categories: career path development, supplemental and advanced skills development, and managed career services.

Career Path Development services help individuals make a successful transition from their current career or unemployment situation to a more rewarding career path, in line with their interests and abilities. The service starts with a series of consultations and assessments that identify what skills or knowledge gaps are preventing a change in a person’s work-life and subsequently developing educational programs that will enable the desired change.

Our Supplemental & Advanced Skill Development services are built to meet the needs of business and government clients who require employees to be trained according to a unique curriculum designed to help overcome performance gaps that are compromising productivity. Once contacted by a client, experienced Canadian Institute of Learning professionals initiate a training design process that ultimately culminates in the delivery of training that provides the client with the right transfer of skills and knowledge in a timeframe and format that works within the parameters of their unique circumstances.

Our Managed Career Services involve long-term relationships with clients and are aimed at offering career support throughout a client’s working life. Through MCS, registered clients have continuous access to job search and placement services, interview simulations, career advancement planning, and other useful services that will ensure that a client remains an active and in-demand professional in the job market.

We pride ourselves as innovators in the Private Career College (PCC) sector as the first to introduce classroom training in Computer Forensics in Ontario. We offer top notch quality programs at affordable prices. Top notch because our program content gives you the skill sets needed in a particular role/position to enable you perform well in your career.

Our programs are mainly instructor-led with practical hands on exercises in class. Additionally students have free access to Microsoft e-learning resources and software for reinforcement of instructor-led curriculum, which gives the student the competitive advantage of understanding the concepts covered totally. We do our best to make our students stand out in the performance of their roles and responsibilities in their career path by giving them the best of equipment, tools and resources to do their work. Our graduate placement rate averages 95% as all students who come through are placed through the assistance of our HR professional on board. Students are offered job search strategies assistance in resume writing and interview preparation. A service that is available to all our graduates, present and past indefinitely.

Our instructor’s are experienced teachers with several years of business /industry experience and/or certification for modules or course taught as well adult learning/education certificate and Bachelors degree in various disciplines. Our instructors are passionate about the programs they teach and are very knowledgeable, patient, show empathy towards their students and encourage them to pursue their goals. Our instructor’s are approachable and devote 100% of their time to the student’s needs. Canadian Institute of Learning attaches a face to each student and makes them part of our small community of continuous growth and improvement.

We believe education empowers one in every aspect of our well being so why not make it enjoyable like our slogan says “Better learning… for Better living.” Be reminded that “Perseverance, Integrity and Excellence” is our guiding principle”.

Our Mission

Providing Excellence in Training
To provide valuable, innovative training services to individuals, businesses and institutions in ways that will impact their growth and potential as skilled employees to enhance organizational growth reduce turnover and increase profit.

Our Vision

To provide quality training services to address the changing needs of the industry. We aim to establish ourselves as a valued resource and partner to all in our community of service.

Our Values

Our values system is woven around the fundamental elements of Respect, Integrity, Perseverance, Excellence and Openness to new ideas.